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B/W Boys.
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B/W Boys.

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i hear those chords again,
pressing on the walls of my throat,
washing over my ears in waves.
across the trembling eaves, 
you, a stark silhouette
in a stillness i will never find.
and why the thought of this
brings tears to my mind,
i cannot know. 

lifting the drapes from my eyes,
shining light on my memories,
you listen like i’m someone else.
i can’t fear you anymore.
walls of wagon red,
paintings of psychedelia and  skulls,
the lamp that looks like an animation.
the amount of times i need a breath doubles yours
but only because i sing louder 
as a one-girl army,
an army of differing tongues.

the crux of this is your hand in mine
and that it never happened.

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Parador de Zamora. Nur Nielfa
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Parador de Zamora. Nur Nielfa

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Tuesday is just second Monday

every day is a monday. the names of days are social constructs. 

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Sandra ChevrierSuper Hero Canvas III

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karlotta freier
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